Care and Watering of your
Hydroseeded Lawn

Your lawn has just been professionally hydroseeded with a safe non-toxic nutrient mix of certified seed, fertilizer, and specially processed wood fibers that provide a micro-environment for fast vigorous growth. "We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions below."

Hydroseeding Germination

The first blades of grass should appear within 7-10 days after planting. Germination time depends on weather, temperature, and amount of watering by you the homeowner! Sometimes germination takes longer with temperatures of 60 degrees and below.

When the grass starts to appear, keep in mind what you see is about 20% of the seed germination initially. The remainder will follow and continue to thicken into sod within 2 to 3 weeks. At first, you may think some areas were missed, but that is not the case. Germination time differs with each type of seed.

Watering your Hydroseeded lawn

Do not allow the hydroseeded area to dry out for 2 weeks after planting.

Water 3 times per day or enough to keep the top layer of soil moist. Watch for hot weather and wind which may require more watering. DO NOT ALLOW THE MIX TO BAKE OUT AND DELAY THE GROWTH. KEEP THE YARD MOIST WITHOUT WASHING THE MIX. You can walk on the yard, but be careful not to disturb the mix, such as dragging the hose and exposing the dirt.

As your lawn matures, less frequent watering is necessary. Continue to water 3 times per week for approximately 15 minutes per area, until your first mowing. After your first mowing, your lawn will require one inch of water per week. Remember, early morning is the best time of day to water.

Mowing your Hydroseeded lawn

When the lawn has substantial coverage of 3" tall young grass, discontinue watering. When the ground is dry enough, mow the grass, make sure the mower blades are sharp and never cut off more than one-third of the grass each mowing. Then resume watering on a three to five day basis, and continue mowing to a height of one and one half to two inches.

Fertilizing your Hydroseeded lawn

Your lawn must be fertilized 2 weeks after application and again 30 days later.

Use a balanced, slow-release fertilizer found at your local farm and garden stores. Use a broadcast spreader not a drop spreader to apply fertilizer to your lawn to ensure even coverage. If using a granular fertilizer, apply to dry grass, then water lawn thoroughly. As lawn matures, soak periodically rather than frequent light or daily watering. "In order to maintain a high quality lawn you must have an ongoing fertilizing program after the second application of fertilizer!"

Weed Control for your Hydroseeded lawn

Weeds may come from imported topsoil, the existing soil or from nearby areas. If weeds appear, do not apply weed control products for 3 months after hydroseeding. At that time, weeds may be spot sprayed with a safe herbicide.

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