Hydroseeding: Get a lush, high-quality lawn faster & without the high cost

AGROW-TECH has the answer! We eliminate the back-breaking job of installing sod through hydroseeding your lawn at a fraction of the cost. By having your lawn hydroseeded, you save more than 50% of the price of sod, plus labor of installation.

Hydroseeding provides lush lawn fast

AGROW-TECH's special certified seed mix promotes rapid germination. In 7 to 10 days you should see growth, and in 3 weeks have a lush, full lawn. Our mix produces a fine blade, deep-rooted, superb quality lawn not available with conventional sod or other standard hydroseeding.

Guaranteed results with Hydroseeding

By having your lawn hydroseeded you are ensuring nearly 100% seed growth. Each seed is suspended and protected in a mulch mat. You won't have the problem of watching your seeds "wash away in streams" only to puddle up in clumps. The risk of sprout dehydration is greatly reduced as the mulch matting retains water. Your grass seeds do not blow away, but root in place as they are held securely in the mulch fibers, creating a micro-greenhouse effect.

Hydroseeding saves you time and money

AGROW-TECH's special hydroseeding process provides you with absolutely the best method to attain a high-quality lawn without a high price tag. By having your lawn hydro-seeded, you eliminate continuous re-seeding and expense of regular seeding. AGROW-TECH eliminates the high cost and labor of conventional sod installation and yields superior results and vigorous growth to a beautiful lawn every time.


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Agrow-Tech Hydroseeding serves the King, Snohomish and Skagit counties with Hydroseeding, Straw-Blowing, and Brush cutting. Agrow-Tech is Seattle Bellevue and Lynnwood's way to a lush, green lawn. Designed and Hosted by The Gage Team